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Democrats & Independents for Mike Thomas

Hello! I am Mike Thomas!  I may have "R" next to my name on the ballot but I represent the true Independent & Democratic Principles. I represent YOU, the common Nevadans, often forgotten by the Elites of both parties!  That is why our polls show me leading among Democratic and Independent Voters!

My platform includes:

  • A proven record of fighting Police Corruption, such as planting of evidence, and Systematic Racism
  • Reject $$$ in special interests and billionaire lobbyists. I don't sell out my supporters to elites!
  • Strong support for conservation and animal rights. Endorsed by Animal Rights Group
  • Strong support for subsidies, green, and renewable energy. I didn't sell out to monopoly NV Energy
  • Reverse taxes on the poor and the middle class - fuel and car registration taxes and fees
  • Stop dumping the homeless people in poor and lower income neighborhoods.  Both deserve better!
  • Not only the rich and elites deserve to go to private schools. Low income families will have equal rights!
  • I will fight to return jobs to Nevada and union workers, abandoned by both party leaders!
  • I will create incentives to attract high paying jobs from many industries for diversification from tourism
  • Make it easier for immigrants to get jobs and start new businesses

I am proud that I have not received the endorsement from Alt-Right wing Las Vegas Review Journal, that endorsed nearly all Republicans and my "Democrat" opponent. I guess I'm "too left wing" for them. 

But I believe that I am the right candidate for you!

Let's work together and send a bi-partisan message to both party elites and establishment.   Nevadans do not sell out to special interests!

End Misuse of Taxpayer's $$$ and Campaign Violations!

When you have a few minutes, take a look at these campaign violations by my opponent and his misuse of YOUR taxpayer dollars and public property for his campaign.


Committee to Elect Michael Thomas
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